Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cosmo Cupcakes

Lime cupcakes with Cranberry Buttercream. This is strictly a *girly* cupcake according to David. Hey...that's OK, more for the girls and I.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well we made it to Muddy's last night after our family Valentine's Day dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant and it was worth the wait. I had a *True Love* cupcake and I was *in love* not only with the cupcake but the fact that we all four got to go enjoy cupcakes together. My heart most definitely belongs to my *three sweeties* and what better way to spend Valentine's Day than with the three of them.

Today Lindsey and I got to sneak out of the house for some Mommy, big sister time. We hit Jo-Ann and then went next door to JCP to smell all of the awesome Philosophy fragrances. Then we stopped for some shakes at Sonic, my favorite a pineapple shake (reminds me of my granny) and Lindsey tried an orange cream slush, which I might add was yummy too. Our next stop was the huge estate sale down the road from our house, lots of stuff. We had a great time just the two of us, I try to get out with just Lindsey as much as I can. It is important for her to have her big girl time with Mommy and Daddy too. Now we are seriously considering making some of my Cosmo Cupcakes, because we need more cupcakes.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Martini Recipe

Check out the left sidebar for a new martini recipe, just in time for Valentine's Day. This is a favorite and it is *very important* that you take the time to rim the martini glass with chocolate. Just be careful of the possible chocolate smile the rim may leave behind, you may look a bit like the Joker. Although after a few of these who really cares.

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Wide Awake

It is Saturday, 4am and I am wide awake. My head is spinning with ideas and things to do. Lindsey's Closet is keeping me busy these days and that is a good thing. The girls and I met some friends after school yesterday. The intended meeting spot was Muddy's Bake Shop, but we got there and they had sold out of everything. There is an event at the Racquet Club which I am assuming is keeping our favorite little bake shop busy. So we ended up and Ben & Jerry's, nothing wrong with a little scoop of *coffee coffee buzz buzz*. I had a good time chatting with my friend Jessica and Lindsey and Lexi obviously had a good time because Lindsey ended up going home with them for a sleepover. After all of these years of being suckered at the last minute for a sleepover you would think I would have an emergency sleepover bag in the back of my truck, but I don't......yet. Anyway, they don't get to see each other nearly as often as they used to so I am happy they are getting some time together. I have some pricing sheets to finish up for LC and then I plan to sew sew sew today and hopefully have a nice Valentine's Dinner with the family and maybe a little trip to Muddy's? hmmmm

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Sunday, February 08, 2009


OK, so I will confess, I have been a bit distracted lately. First, I have been working a lot on Lindsey's Closet stuff, the business stuff and the creative stuff. There is still a lot to do. Second, I have been on Facebook. I have reconnected with some old friends as well as some new friends. It is really pretty cool, yet addicting. Now I have David hooked, poor guy. Anyway, I will try to post here more too or you can find me on Facebook.

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