Saturday, March 28, 2009

Place Cards...Weddings, Dinner Parties etc..

I accidentally stumbled into creating place cards for my shop. I was getting so many requests to turn my existing tags into place cards that I decided to go ahead and offer them in the shop. Since it was am after thought, I never really stopped to think how to use them in a place setting until one of my new customers asked me. So all day Thursday I thought about and then headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things (most of the stuff I already had on hand). The goal was to keep it simple and keep it economical.

First up is a *Wine Cork*:

We have tons of these in a pretty jar that I intend to make into a bulletin board one day. I simple took a craft knife and slit a hole in the end of the cork and slid the place card into that. The cost...well the cost of the bottle of wine, but let's be honest, it will be consumed. Am I right?

Next a faux *Pear*:

or you could use a real pear, just hang the tag from the stem.

A miniature doll house *Park Bench*:

these are found in the miniature doll house aisle at Hobby Lobby, the cost was $1.99 for one bench. There may be a cheaper place to find these online.

A *Simple Chair*:

this too was found at Hobby Lobby. It was unfinished so I painted it black and now look how cute this is:

A Jar of Rosemary/Mint Salt Scrub (recipe to follow):
these would be cute as a place card for a bridal luncheon or any type of girly gathering.

*Framed Cork Board*:

this is a frame from the dollar store, it is a little larger than I would probably use for the size of the place card, but again I was using things I had on hand. I also make table numbers and they would be super cute attached to this in the middle of the table. I used some cork sheets (purchased at Michael's awhile back) cut to fit the frame. I removed the glass from the frame and re-attached the back. I then used a push pin to attach the place card. There are so many cute push pins out there these days. You could hot glue a jewel or something to match your theme to the pin and voila, instant cuteness. I could go on, but I think you get the idea...right?

*Framed Hook*:

another dollar store frame. It was black, but I got out the paint and distressed it a little. I removed the glass from the frame, cut some pretty scrapbook paper to size then I got my drill out (yes I have my own drill, hubby got it for me so I wouldn't be tempted to use his) I attached the hook (purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale 50% off so it was 1.50) in place with some stolen umm I mean borrowed screws from hubby's shed. The I put the frame back together and hung a simple tag from the hook.

*Mr. Blue Bird*:

You can used whatever kind of bird you want, I am just partial to *blue birds*. The birds came in a set of two as did the nests, all from Hobby Lobby, on sale for $1.00. I got the hot glue gun out (gosh I love playing with hot glue, except for the strings it leaves everywhere, maybe my glue gun is just old who knows) anyway. I then made a clippy stand thingy to attach the card with. I used an alligator clip and a ballpoint stick pin purchased from the jewelry making aisle at... you guessed it, Hobby Lobby. I attached the clippy thingy to the bird and tied some raffia around that to make it come together. Then clipped on one of my *little birdie* cards.

These are just a few simple ideas I came up with really quick, I tried not to *over think it* which I can sometimes do.

I did price a variety of place card holders while I was shopping and the average cost was anywhere from $1.99-$2.99 each. I haven't looked online to see what all is available yet.

I did a post awhile back about one of my customer's use of the place cards and table numbers.
First row, third picture are the cute honey place cards. Then the second row, first picture are the table numbers I created.

You can find the article here.
Do you have any ideas you want to share? Have you used my tags in a creative way? Please send me some pics, I want to see. :)

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break - *Plan B*

*Plan A*- David's Dad was supposed to fly in for the week, we got a call from him last Friday saying that he has the flu and a horrible case at that. So he was not able to make the trip. So a few tears were shed, (Lindsey was so very much looking forward to his visit) heck we all were, we haven't seen him in a while. I could tell David was really bummed out too. We went out for dinner that night and tried to think of something we could do, David already had the week off (not that they have left him alone to enjoy his *vacation*, but that is a whole other story) so we tried to think of some places that weren't a real far drive to go for a few days. I got online later that night and found a few places, now the problem was finding a dog sitter. Our normal sitter is also on Spring Break this week so there goes that, and all other sitters would cost nearly as much as a trip. So we opted to stay home and just spend some time together and save the money for an extra trip this summer maybe.

First of all after a lot of begging, eyelash batting, and lip pouting, we talked David into getting us, um... I mean the girls a trampoline. He has nixed the idea for years, claiming there is no space in the yard. Well, when he got his new shed/barn last summer (in another part of the yard) the old one was torn down and wouldn't you know a *perfect* spot for a 12' trampoline. So we really worked him over, poor guy. He gave in and we went and picked it up on Sunday. We got it put together in a few hours and the result is two happy girls who should NEVER, NEVER EVER have the words...*I'm Bored* come out of their mouths again. (but that is a whole other story too :) )

I remember when my parents got one for my brother and I. There were no enclosures back then, or if so we did not have one. It was jump at your own risk, we were always trying to bounce each other off the thing. It is amazing that we didn't have any serious injuries. We have had fun this week with the new addition to the landscape. Now we need to work on that fence. gosh.

So the next night our neighbors came over and we grilled out and built a fire to roast marshmallows. I have missed hanging out on the patio during the winter.

Wednesday, David went and got a couple of loads of mulch for the front flower beds. While he was working on that, Mallory washed Lindsey's rock collection.....yea I know. But she had the best time, who knew washing rocks could be so much fun.

OK, so by now Lindsey has been hijacked by our neighbor to go have lunch with her. I pulled out some shaving cream and let Mallory go to town. I *loved* watching her make the biggest mess with this stuff.

She was covered from head to toe in shaving cream when it was all said and done. So today I have a few activities up my sleeve. None of which I have shared with anyone, it does involve a road trip and a picnic though. I am off to get ready.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Brother

He's the best *little brother* EVER! So proud of him.

(Chris and little Miss Taylor)

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