Thursday, August 30, 2007

Altered Books and Art Journals

Been playing around with creating an altered book/art journal, so much fun. No rules just pure *playing*. I love it, esp. after working all day where rules are key. Oh and it is so inexpensive, you can use a wide variety of things you have around the house or in my case scraps of past crafting/scrapbook supplies.

Here it is so far, I still have several pages to go.

I am making this for my Mom and Step-Dad. I didn't really plan to it just went that direction. I hope to have it completed in time for their anniversary in October. Oh my gosh that is only a month away. Where does the time go?

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Lindsey has been wanting to re-decorate her and Mallory's bathroom so I have been trying to think of something that would work with the yellow walls (because we really do not want to re-paint) and it hit me today. I was inspired by Mallory's outfit

The colors are *fun*. I already have a red/white gingham shower curtain that we used at our old house that I can jazz up. So after playing with ribbon and trim colors for awhile I painted this:

I guess it's OK for a first attempt, kinda funky, Lindsey likes it so I guess that is really all that matters. I will post more pictures of the *bathroom remix* once we get started. I am really sad to see the monkeys that are in her bathroom now go. Maybe I will claim them for my bathroom.

C is for *Create*

Well I have been a little busy this weekend *creating* stuff. It has been awhile since I got to sit down and just play and make stuff. Some ideas work out and others? Well trash day is on Thursdays here. Lots of stuff racing around in my head. I hope to have some things listed in my Etsy shop soon. Every artist needs an assistant right? Well my eldest was busy doing *big girl* stuff with friends; however she did spend sometime "creating" with me yesterday morning. But my junior assistant lost interest fast....
oh well she will be in the middle of things soon enough.

Have a great week and *Create* something.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brain dump, sort of

I made these letters for the girls, right before Mallory arrived. I am thinking about adding them to my list of things to sell. Still collecting my thoughts and ideas on how to become a work-at-home Mom.....

Yes, Mallory's walls are painted a Chocolate brown, they look like big chocolate bars. Maybe that is why I start craving chocolate while feeding her in her room at night . hmmmm. Pink and brown are the colors we picked for her room. I like it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

McLovin in the house

If you like mindless humor, go see Superbad. David and I were able to go and see this over the weekend. It started out kind of crude and I was hoping I hadn't wasted $17 on a movie and a night out that doesn't come that often; but the movie got funny real fast. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Sometimes you just need to watch a movie that makes you laugh until you are on the verge of wetting your pants.

Well, I survived

At least I think I did. Everyone was happy when I picked them up at school and daycare yesterday so that is a good thing. I was very happy to get them home as well. Work was exactly the same as when I left. Still busy. Not sure what I expected. Anyway.

I attended parent info night at Lindsey's school last night. Lots of positive things going on this year, good changes. Lindsey got the teacher she wanted (the one I wanted her to have too). Mrs. Aldinger was her teacher in Jr-Kindergarten and started teaching Second grade last year. All three of the Second grade teachers are fabulous so we would have been happy with any of them. I just love the fact that each class only has twelve students, that is just amazing. School started last Wednesday, here are a few pictures of Lindsey on her first day of Second Grade (*sniff*sniff*)

Oh and of course she spent the Monday before school started getting her backpack ready. Not that she had a ton of supplies to pack or anything (they were already purchased and waiting for her at school) no, she has to pack her hand sanitizer (*loves* the stuff) and add her key chains. Oh the key chains, by the end of the year her bag will be loaded down with them. She collects them and thinks it is cool for them to hang and rattle around on her backpack. It is her thing. I made the mistake in Kindergarten of taking a few off, it just seemed like it was weighing her down. Well she came unglued on the way to school when she realized they were gone, so I heard all about it from David after he dropped her off. I felt like a schmuck because what I thought was going to help her only upset her, so I certainly don't want to ruin her right to express herself and if it means having a hundred key chains on her backpack to do that then so be it. So what did I do that afternoon? I stopped at the store and bought her a new key chain and apologized to her and promised to let her express herself in anyway she wants as long as it is not harmful to her. Mommy lesson # 1888 or so.

*The backpack* with a couple of new key chains.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Today is the day

Well today is the day that I return to work, the day I have been dreading since laying eyes on my sweet Mallory and knowing I would get to spend the summer with Lindsey. I spent Sunday getting ready for today, making sure I had everything ready for Mally's first day of daycare. Also making sure I could fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, which I am sad to say is a no go. Very depressing. So David took me shopping for a couple of things, and now it is time to get serious about getting the baby weight off. It was hard the first time and will probably be even harder this time, but I am committed to doing it, for me. David is so fabulous, especially since I was spontaneously bursting into tears off and on all day yesterday. He got me through it. Today will be OK. David is taking the girls to school this morning, dropping off is hard for me so I get to pick up, but I do have to be at work by 7a so it works out. Here is Mally last night, so happy.

My new challenge (well it's not really new, but I am getting serious about it): to figure out a way to make my hobby of sewing, monogramming and all other crafts that I do work for me, so I can be a Work-at-home Mom. I really loved being at home these last few months, I was super busy with the girls but I *loved* it. I am looking into opening a shop at to sell some of my handmade stuff. I am getting a plan together and will work on getting more stuff made. (I neglected my crafting while I was pregnant unless I needed a gift for someone, so the supply is low).

We had one last vacation to Dauphin Island with some dear friends before school started and I was to return to work. We had a great time, it was hot and humid of course but who cares, we were at the beach and it was vacation. Very relaxing. Here is Lindsey doing some fishing.

Lindsey and her *BFF* Lexi:

Well I am off to get ready for work (yuck) and kiss my babies before they wake up, there is just nothing like kissing them while they sleep.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Busy week

I am finally recovering from my trip to Ohio. Well the drive to and from. All I will say is that hubby did not get to go so it was all me, with a six week old, a 74 year old and on the trip home a seven year old. All in all it was not too bad, just really exhausting. We had a great time visiting with my family, we did a whole lotta nothing, just hung out, which is what I wanted. Here are a few photos:
Lindsey was super excited to see little sister, she has never had a sharing problem until now. She does not want to share her little sister with anyone, even grandparents. hmmmm

Chris and Ashlee
Ashlee, Lindsey and Mallory

Mom and MaMa Nita

Great trip, but glad to be back home with David.


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