Friday, August 29, 2008

Animals that need help

My friend and neighbor sent the below message:

My friend, Evelyn, from Animal Adoption Center in Poplarville MS is having to evacuate to Memphis because of the approaching storm. She previously evacuated from Katrina with the animals she could take and we sent her back with body bags for the rest. They lost everything. Her husband Pete is very sick. They got a room at Embassy Suites on Shady Grove last night about midnight. Embassy Suites is not pet friendly. We have about 18 cats and 10 dogs: pit bull, Boston terrier, pug and a pug mix, Boxer dachshund, lab and German shepherd mix, and more. I need foster homes for all these animals. The cats can be housed in their trailer which will be at my house. I will need volunteers to clean and feed and love. These animals will once again be so stressed. Please e-mail me at if you can help. We would appreciate donations as well.

I just talked with her on the phone and at this point she really needs cat litter and bottled water, if you are in the Memphis metro area and would like to donate items to help these animals please leave me a comment or email her at the above email address.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've been tagged

Marci my super fabulous friend and neighbor tagged me. She is an amazing photographer and scrap artist extraordinaire. If you are in the Memphis area, do yourself a favor and call her for a family photo session. Seriously!

(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
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OK, so these are the blogs I try to read daily:
Michelle: She also lives close although we have never met, only through etsy. She is super talented. Maybe we will run into each other at our LSS one day ;)

Christy: Another local blogging friend.

Leonard: one of my old co-workers and a family friend. He is a hoot, he has lots of great stories to tell. I love to hear about his family vacations etc. something funny always happens.

Amy H. : Never met her but I love her designs. (It think she is in the Memphis area too??)

Beth: met through etsy.
April: Never met her but I love her blog and she has the cutest etsy shop.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playing around with some digital layouts

I bookmarked this site a while back after seeing it in one of my scrap mags; so while my embroidery machine was running and Mallory was napping and Lindsey was at a friends house and David was working in the yard (whheewww) I got to play around with some digital layouts a bit. Don't get me wrong I still love my paper stash, but this was a fun change. Check em' out:

Scrapblog is so much fun, go check it out if you haven't already!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad blogger

Hey, sorry for the lack of posts as of late. These things have me busy right now:

*back to school for Lindsey

*tons of monogramming orders to complete

*a scrap album to complete for a friend

*custom etsy orders

*typical Mommy stuff

*working on some projects around the house

*meal planning for the month (some possible freezer cooking is in my future)

*and still searching for those few minutes to myself, has anyone seen those?

I will leave you with this for today:

Lindsey's first day of school was Monday, new school-new uniform. She is doing just fine, making lots of new friends and adjusting very well. I knew she was doing great when we arrived to school Wednesday and I heard from all directions "hey Lindsey".

I am thinking about taking the shop down for a mini-overhaul and getting the new stuff posted when I bring it back up. Still thinking about that....more to come. Gotta go monogram and do some painting with Miss Mallory.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Check out my yummy fabric score from my trip to Ohio (all on sale which makes it even *sweeter)...

I can't wait to get started making the girls some stuff with this fabric.

and this
I have already made some halloween candy buckets with this halloween fabric and I must say they turned out really cute.
I have a photo session planned for later in the week for all of the new stuff I have been making. I have a few more monogramming orders to fill and a scrapbook to finish for a friend and then I can get more focused on my shop.

Things I have been working on (trying to repurpose a lot of my crafting stash, it is shameful how much stuff I have...really) :

~magnets (wooden with some super cool embellishments)


~halloween tags

~2009 calendar tags

~mini-albums (maybe not part of a kit this time, just the shell, still thinking on this one)


~I dug out some buttons I used for another project a year or so ago, trying to see what to do with them.

But if you are interested in some super cute button tags and other fun stuff hurry and go here. Michelle has the cutest stuff, she is super talented and the best part is that she lives right here in Memphis. She even does custom orders, she made the coolest *button tree* tags for me, check them out below.

You know how I love *trees*. From her blog you can link to her etsy shop, or just click here ------>Luckychelle Boutique .
Gotta go finish up some stuff while I have some time to myself, that is the hard part about working at home, Mommy stuff comes first all else gets fit in where ever... as it should.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm back

Well we got back from Ohio late last Monday, and with this little sweetie:

Yep, my niece Ashlee got to come home with Aunt BeeJees for the week. I took a break from everything in order to spend time with her and the girls. SO MUCH FUN, I am so glad my brother let her come home with me it was her first time away from Mommy and Daddy for more than a night and so far away). So I have a pile of work to catch up on this week, stacks of monogramming, some table number requests and some new stuff for the shop. This is also Lindsey's last week of Summer vacation, school starts August 11. I am not at all ready for her to go back, *Third Grade* holy cow I started tearing up this morning thinking about how fast she is growing up. We finished up our back to school shopping about 3 weeks ago. All we have left is a new pair of shoes and a hair cut, I mean trim. (she is growing her hair out for Locks of Love, she has about two more inches to go).
I'm off to pick up a few items from my Grocery Game list then back home to get some work completed.


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