Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creating Stuff

I have a few new things in the shop.

Lindsey and I have been busy making more stuff this morning. She is really into felt right now, so we will see what she comes up with.

I took a lot of pictures yesterday, here are a few of my favorite subjects....

She grew tired of me taking pictures of her.

Mally in her new swing having a blast.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Please remember all the soldiers who have fought and continue to fight for us. This one has a special place in my heart....My Baby Brother. Love him so much, and soooo very proud of him!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Today is the last day of school, *so ready* as is Lindsey. I am ready to just enjoy the summer. We have a couple of vacations planned as usual and really looking forward to those. This week has been busy with end of school year happenings, today is Lindsey's award ceremony, then she is finished. I am ready to relax just a bit from the whole routine.

OK, so anyhoo here are a few random pics of the girls and my niece from our trip to my Dad's farm a couple of weekends ago...

Lindsey is a farm girl at heart, she loves being there.

Our little *stinker*

My niece, Ashlee another little *stinker*.

These are ready for the shop

I think I might jazz up the handle a bit on a couple of these before listing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day *3* of Un-Employment

So Friday was my last day at work. It was a little sad leaving, I was a bit *misty* all day, but as soon as I got in my car a drove away to pick up my girls from school I felt such relief and contentment. It is on the top 5 list of best feelings I have had. So today is my third day home. I had some appointments lined up for Monday, things that I have been putting off for lack of time, doctor etc. Yesterday I worked around the house got a lot done around here. Today is Lindsey's end of year party at school, they are going bowling. I will attend that, should be fun for the children. I am just taking one day at a time here and enjoying every minute of it. School will be out for Summer on Friday and the girls will pretty much be stuck with me at that point. I think they are excited, of course Mallory has no clue what is going on but Lindsey is really excited.

I have been working on some new things for the shop and hope to have them listed soon. I also have monogramming orders and some custom tag orders that I have been working on. Things are good!

I have also started doing The Grocery Game. My friend Marci has a ton of info on her blog about this and other money saving tips. You should really check it out. I started The Grocery Game about three weeks ago and I will agree with Marci, it is addicting. The amount of money I have saved is mind boggling. I will post a link list soon of the places I am getting coupons and some good deals as well. My friend Jessica also started The Grocery Game about the time I did, we are having fun sharing bargains etc.

OK, off to get everyone ready for work and school.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quick post...

Just a few pics for the family!

Fun Dip teeth....nice.

Damn they're *cute*!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The News...

OK, remember me talking about this and this. Well after much planning and praying and just deciding to do it, I have decided to quit my job and stay at home with the girls. The decision really was not a hard one to make, it was just a matter of adjusting some things to make it work and of course getting David comfortable with the idea of giving up the extra income. It seemed as though every corner I turned God was there giving me signs that I needed to do this. I have pretty much worked my entire adult life, started working in high school and worked while attending college. I have been with the same company for the last 13 years, I met David during that time. I have met a lot of great people along the way and some not so great (I think they are long gone, but anyway). It seems after I had Mallory something struck in me and I realized my place was at home, I kind of ignored it for a bit thinking it was hormones etc. but the feeling never left. I went back to work and continued with the tasks assigned, although my heart truly was not in it anymore. I think when I really knew it was time was back in March, during Lindsey's spring break I took the week off to spend with her and Mallory, she made the comment to me towards the end of the week when I was getting dinner ready that I didn't seem so stressed out to get everything done and that I seemed much happier being at home. I nearly broke into tears, that is not how I want my girls to remember me, *the stressed out crazy woman trying to get everything done*. Gosh I just *love her so much*, she always has a way of pointing out the obvious, I love that about her. So my last day is May 16. WOW, I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Kind of bitter sweet.

I do plan to work from home, I have my etsy shop up and running {still needs some tweaking when time a few weeks :) }, I have monogramming orders coming in and other fun stuff in the works. Things are looking great. I am excited to start this new chapter in our lives. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Some exciting news

I have some exciting (exciting for me anyway) news to share... stay tuned.


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