Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Try this!

I really am not a beauty product freak, I can live without make-up as long as my face is cleansed and moisturized. When I do wear make-up, to work mainly, it is very minimal, weekends are eyeliner and mascara only, maybe a little concealer. I have been using mineral make-up for the last few years and love it. All that to say that this is my new favorite cleansing tool. The Neutrogena Wave.
I usually don't fall victim to the * latest & greatest* cleansing/anti-aging/beauty products that promise to do miracles for your skin, but this little thing is *FABULOUS*. My skin feels so unbelievably fantastic, I could tell a difference after the first time I used it two weeks ago. A friend at work told me about it and the $3 coupon I had found in a magazine and the fact that it was on sale at Target prompted me to give it a try. I am glad I did. Neutrogena's website has a $2 off coupon listed right now and when you buy the Wave, a $3 off coupon is enclosed for the replacement cleansing pads.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free Rice

A friend told me about this *awesome* website. It's called Free Rice. You are basically testing and improving your vocabulary and for every word you get correct they donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. It's so addictive, check it out.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sick & Busy

I won't even go into all the busy crap. So much going on right now. The weather got the better of me last week, and I am still feeling a little worn down. As if that was not enough Mallory was up all night last night with high fever, took her to the doctor today and found out she has double ear infections. Poor sweet girl. So I am home from work with her today.

I loaded some new goodies in the shop, so take a look.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I burned a million calories this weekend

Well probably not, but it sure felt like it. The rain finally left us and the weekend was absolutely beautiful. I got up early Saturday and got my inside chores finished because I knew I wanted to be outside the rest of the weekend. Lindsey had a school friend over and they were outside nearly the entire time only coming in long enough to eat lunch. David worked in the yard and kept an eye on them and Mally and I headed out to do some errands before the Tigers game.

OK, here is where the burning of the million calories happened, yesterday afternoon I decided to take a break from HFM work and spend it helping David in the yard. We are working on our back yard/patio area. We had to have the deck taken out last spring, it was very old and I was getting afraid to walk on it. Well the plan was to have something put back before Mallory arrived, well with rain last year and her arriving early, it was all down hill after that. Weekends were spent resting from no sleep during the week, several weekend trips to visit family etc. Then it was time for back to school and work for me. Well, when we had our new driveway put in back in January we had a new patio poured. The area where the deck was is pretty large, so half is the patio and the other half we are creating a *cottagie* type hang out with additional seating areas lots of container planting etc. Hopefully we can make some progress over the next couple of weekends so we can really enjoy the space this summer. Both girls *love* to be outside as do David and I. I spotted a couple of junk stores or undiscovered treasures as I like to call them, while visiting my Dad that had some cool stuff out front that would be perfect in the patio area. I don't really want all new stuff, I want to go the *trash to treasure* route. I love finding things and making them new again. Sure it would be easy to go out and buy *new* stuff, but I like the character some of the older stuff has. That is more my style. I also dug out monkey grass from around one of my flower beds, man that stuff is tough. The previous owner planted the stuff everywhere. Dang man. I don't so much like the stuff any more. I am a bit sore this morning, well a lot sore.

We have also been trying to have a yard sale, lots of stuff to purge. Hopefully the rain will hold off and we can actually have the sale this weekend.

I did finish my March photo-a-day challenge. Very proud that I completed that. I will post the final photos and a picture of the completed album later.

Oh, one other thing:
Saturday Mallory and I made a quick trip to Lowes to get some type of fencing/edging/something/anything to protect my peonies this year. Remember this? Well, I'll be damned if Molly tramples them again this year. They are already popping up and really thick and pretty. Any way, all that to say that when we pulled into the parking lot, there were folks loading like 20-30 Boston Ferns in their cars/trucks. My initial thought was, wedding decorations. So we wander in and I see that the ferns are marked $8.47 wow what a deal, they were $14.99 at Kroger, so I grab a couple for the patio, then this guy walks up and says they just marked the ferns down to $5.00 each. Well, holy crap I think I will take 4 more thank you very much.

Got new stuff in the works for HFM including some mini-album kits, buckets (Kim B. these are for you :)) , and original art. Stay tuned.

I need to get ready for work now.


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