Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm still here...

The entire family has been very sick for over a week. I'm feeling somewhat human today. Time to catch up on stuff. Will post again later.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself "what else do I need to accomplish in life to truly be happy"? I have done this from time to time, not so much lately, but if you had asked me that question 10 years ago I would have had a list at least a mile long. So much has happened in the last 10 years that I can now without a shadow of a doubt say...there is absolutely nothing else I need to be happy. So why? you ask are you rambling about this now? Well you see 10 years ago tomorrow, my *birthday* to be exact, David and I had our first date. I can still remember what we both wore and everything we did that night. I guess you can call him the birthday gift that keeps on giving. We have been together ever since and still going strong.

So in the last ten years:
*I have moved up and around in the same company and found something I like doing
*I lost my Grandfather (I miss him terribly)
*I met and married my soul mate
*I bought a home with said soul mate
*I started a family (two beautiful daughters)
*I became an Aunt
*I watched my baby brother graduate from Army Basic Training
*I mended my relationship with my Dad
*My Mom and I became *friends*
**just to name a few things

I truly am happy *right here, right now*. Sure there are still things on my "Life's To Do List" but none of which impact my happiness today.

So in this *10 year anniversary year*, I have HUGE goals. This is the year for *Simplifying* and it is the year for *Home*.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back in the saddle

Well we are back in the swing of things, yesterday was Lindsey's first day back to school after Christmas break. She was a bit tired but didn't give us too much grief, she was totally dreading the homework though, I was too for that matter; but it wasn't bad last night, we got it all done before dinner and even had some time to scrapbook a little bit before bedtime. I have been moving into my new space upstairs the last two weekends. I had my craft room/office in a 12x8 room by the laundry room (an addition the previous owners made, sort of a work room) but after we had Mallory we decided it would be best to move me upstairs to the bonus room so the girls could play/hang out while I work. Yesterday was so nice, we were all upstairs, Mallory was playing, Lindsey was doing her homework and I was working. I felt disconnected in the other space, I used to think that was nice, but now, not so much. After Mally went to bed last night David, Lindsey and I went upstairs to *hang out*. David of course got several calls from work so he had his laptop working/conference calls etc. Lindsey and I scrapped. We moved a TV upstairs and have arranged the 70's furniture into a sitting area in front of the TV. The 70's furniture was left by the previous owners of the house, they added the bonus room with a spiral stair case leading up to it, so the problem is they could not get they furniture down to move it with them so now we are stuck with it. I am now in search of a chainsaw to cut the wooden framed couch apart with and am looking for some simple yet comfy chairs that can be taken apart and hauled up the spiral stairs or through the attic, (the bonus room has a door leading to the attic space) Anyway, all in good time. I love the space nonetheless. I still have to get my sewing and embroidery machines moved up, hopefully this weekend, and then I should be set. When it is finished I will take some pictures and post them here soon.

Oh and reason *1,999,999* that I *so adore* David......he has totally worked his butt off to get the upstairs painted and looking fab for me. HE ROCKS!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I am trying to adjust to life as a working Mom again. My 1.5 weeks off were *really nice*. It has been hard trying to get back into the routine of work this week. Mallory is back at daycare, she was so excited to show her teachers her *new trick*, she is sitting up.

YIPPEE for her, she is so thrilled with herself. Big Sister will be home today, she went home with J (grandmother) to Ohio after Christmas. David is on his way to pick her up as I type. We are both ready for her to be home. We missed her a ton.

So, I had a really great Christmas, and here are a few of my most favorite gifts, all *handmade*, which in my opinion are *simply the best*.

My *hand* made pot holder from Lindsey:

My picture plate from Mallory:

and My hand painted windows from my Mom:

We had to have new windows installed this past summer and we saved the old wooden windows, which I think may be original to the house (late 1950s) I sent some home with my Mom when she came for Mallory's birth and told her I wanted her to paint them for me for Christmas. She did an amazing job on them, I *love* how she did the crackle finish on the window frame. David hung them for me in the den this past weekend.


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