Saturday, June 23, 2007

Can you tell she is on cloud nine?

Lindsey is just in awe of her little sister. She refused to leave the hospital until Mallory arrived. Luckily my grandmother was here hanging out with Lindsey last week, so when my water broke at 4p on 6/14 David came home to take me to the hospital and guess who all had to come along? Lindsey and Mama Nita were there the entire time, leaving the room only while I delivered Mallory (she arrived at 12:30A on 6/15). Lindsey was so tired, but refused to leave Mommy's side. We managed to convince her to take a nap about 10:30p, but had to take her to the waiting room when delivery time came. She was so good through the whole thing. My Mom and Step-Father hit the road south (from Ohio) as soon as we confirmed I was in labor. They finally arrived at the hospital about 4am so it was easier to convince Lindsey to go home and get some sleep. Which they all did for a few hours, then back to the hospital for some sister time. Here she is all rested and ready for little sister.
I think her smile says it all. *True Bliss*

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