Friday, January 04, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I am trying to adjust to life as a working Mom again. My 1.5 weeks off were *really nice*. It has been hard trying to get back into the routine of work this week. Mallory is back at daycare, she was so excited to show her teachers her *new trick*, she is sitting up.

YIPPEE for her, she is so thrilled with herself. Big Sister will be home today, she went home with J (grandmother) to Ohio after Christmas. David is on his way to pick her up as I type. We are both ready for her to be home. We missed her a ton.

So, I had a really great Christmas, and here are a few of my most favorite gifts, all *handmade*, which in my opinion are *simply the best*.

My *hand* made pot holder from Lindsey:

My picture plate from Mallory:

and My hand painted windows from my Mom:

We had to have new windows installed this past summer and we saved the old wooden windows, which I think may be original to the house (late 1950s) I sent some home with my Mom when she came for Mallory's birth and told her I wanted her to paint them for me for Christmas. She did an amazing job on them, I *love* how she did the crackle finish on the window frame. David hung them for me in the den this past weekend.

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