Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Small Portion of April

A high level overview of April...

a sweet little sister moment, watching birds in the trees: (sorry for the bad pic, I took this from the kitchen window, I didn't want to disturb their *sweet* little moment)

a little tree climbing: (she got stuck and didn't think it was too funny that I thought it was funny. ha-ha) there anything better?

Molly, behaving for once and actually looking pretty cute.

Molly with her human: that dog *LOVES* Lindsey to pieces...but what's not to love?

We have been working in the yard (when not raining) getting it ready for summer. Lots of pretty flowers, re-arranging some things, you know the typical stuff. I look forward to sitting on the patio enjoying a nice beverage, some fresh veggies from the farmers market and something grilled real soon.
In other news Lindsey's Closet has been keeping me busy, that's good right? I am finishing up some custom outfits for a dear friend. She and I went to school together, she is a teacher at Lindsey's new school. How cool is it that we reconnected after all these years totally by accident or was it an accident? Maybe fate? Anyway, she is so *sweet* and *funny* as heck.
The staying home thing has been so great, in a few days I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of staying home. I have made so many new friends and explored so many new things since being home. I have finally found my groove, being home after working for so many years was a bit overwhelming at first, it still is at times but that is just life. Just deal with it and move on, live each day to it's fullest and don't worry if the laundry doesn't get done today, there are *memories* to be made and girls to *play* with and a hubby to *flirt* with, and *mommy field trips* to take (I am loving the Mommy field trips).
School will be out soon, and I am ready to turn off the alarm clock and sleep in a bit.

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