Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer break & 3rd birthday

Well we have three more days of school before Summer break officially begins.  I must admit I am READY! I need a break from the making lunches, pick up, homework routine.  I know Lindsey is more than ready for a break.  She has had another *fabulous* school year, so very proud of her! We are making our Summer to do list, because the last thing I want to hear is " Mom, I'm bored". 

In other news, we are approaching Mally's 3rd birthday. GOSH when did she go and grow up on me?  *sniff sniff*  I am really ahead of my game this year, the party is planned and the invites are sent. WHOA! I haven't seen that kind of organization from myself in a few months.  YAY me!

Well, we are getting back on track around here adjusting to the new changes that have taken place.  Life is pretty darn good I must say.  Now all that is left to make that complete is my little brother's homecoming.  At that point I will be able to breathe easier. 
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