Friday, August 18, 2006

My baby girl is a 1st Grader

I just can't believe that Lindsey is in First Grade. Where has the time gone? Yes, I cried off and on all day Wednesday just thinking about it. Kindergarten wasn't that hard, she was just moving across the hall from Junior Kindergarten, but First Grade; she has moved to the other side of the building. She has grown so much over the summer and not just physically, but the way she carries herself, she is a very self-assured, independent, take charge little girl. I am so proud of her. The teeth she lost in Kindergarten are coming in and that makes her look so "grown up" too. I just love her so much. She has a good mix of David and I. We have seen lots of each others "qualities" come out in her more this summer and I have to tell ya all I can do is laugh. There are times when I look at her that it's like I am looking in the mirror. To watch David's face when her "leadership" skills come out is priceless. We all know that is a trait she gets from David. I absolutely love it!

Here is a picture of her first day of school:

and another one with Jack:

We have decided to have a garage sale next weekend to clear out some of the clutter, not that we have much, but the smallest amount is too much for us. I am cleaning out my closet this weekend because I have way too much stuff.

We that's all for now.


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