Friday, April 27, 2007

31 weeks

That means nine weeks until little sister arrives. (give or take a few days). In this nine weeks are the last four, yes fours weeks of school for Lindsey. Let me tell you, it is all down hill from here. When we start getting all of the notes home with all of the various activities, programs, and musicals for the end of the school year, we just strap on a seat belt and hang on. My friend Jessica and I were just talking about this the other day. The things that are planned, and when I say planned I mean at least two weeks in advance, it is much easier, busy yes, but easier when you are a working mother and have to plot these events on your calendar. It is the last minute things that make me nuts, like...oh by the way tomorrow is "such and such" and we need "such and such" and by the way, the children will only be in school a half day. H-E-L-L-O, did I mention I work full time???? OMG that is the stuff that absolutely makes me insane. If it wasn't for Jessica(working mother too ) and I covering each other we would be in straight jackets by now I am sure. WE ROCK!!!! Don't get me wrong I love doing things for Lindsey's class, I want her to remember that Mom was there for this and Mom was there for that. It really is fun and that is part of being a Mom, being involved in your childs life, at home AND at school.

Jessica also paints pottery/ceramics in addition to her full time job. She is very talented. Check out some of her stuff here.

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