Sunday, September 30, 2007

Time Management...Second Grade style

OK...the one thing that I dread most in the afternoons is getting all of Lindsey's "To Dos" completed. I feel like an army drill Sargent barking out orders and confirming if things got done or not and I knew with a new baby I might overlook something. So at the beginning of the school year I created these "Time Management" cards for Lindsey. I used scraps of card stock, clip art and stickers to create the cards and then laminated them. They hang on hooks in the kitchen near where she does her homework and as she completes a card she moves it to the "completed" hook. She has until 8:30P to complete the stack of cards. On each card I gave suggestions on times to complete the task. It seems to be working well. Now all I have to say is have you started your cards or how many cards have you completed? Much easier for the both of us.

The *cards*

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