Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Lindsey and I spent all day baking on Saturday. Well she kinda got bored with it after a few hours and moved on to other things like cleaning her room, hmmm I would have rather baked than clean my room when I was eight. Gotta love it though, that is her Dad coming out in her. I did however get 90% of my baking finished and I am so happy about that. Last year I was a total slacker with the holiday baking. I think the only thing I managed to do was the Chex Mix and that is only because David and Lindsey would have made me ride on the hood of the car to Ohio. Chex Mix is a must with those two, forget everything else as long as there is homemade Chex Mix. I was 12 weeks pregnant this time last year, so I really was not up for much of anything except my head on a pillow. Anyway, this year I am on schedule with my decorating, my baking and pretty much all of my shopping, well my gifts are mostly handmade this year. So after....

2 batches of peppermint bark

Several batches Chocolate Kiss & Turtle Pretzels
2 batches of mint chocolate dipped oreos

3 batches of Chocolate gobs

3 batches of Chocolate chip cookies

3 batches of Chex Mix

3 batches of Sugar Cookies

I am almost finished. I still have a few things left to make, things that really can't be made until the day prior to consumption, but for the most part......*DONE*.

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