Sunday, January 04, 2009

We're Back

We got back last night from our trip to Ohio to visit my family. Lots of fun as usual. I am bursting with energy to get things around the house in a more simpler order. The twelve trees were taken down and put back in the attic the day after Christmas, it was nice not having to come home and face that task. David and I have always had the philosophy "don't take the old into the new year" so that means all Christmas decos have to be packed away before 1/1.

So back to that "simple order" first the house; purge unneeded and unused stuff, just get it out of here. Then onto some emotional purging, complicated friendships etc. I want to live life more simply and not worry about things that I can't control. There is nothing complicated about our lives we are just living life. I want to focus on some new friendships, get out more and have more *Jennifer time*. I have my eye on a couple of classes at U of M that I plan to register for, wow did I just say that? I have the paperwork and I *will* fill it out and drop it off.

I am off to spend the last day of winter break with David and the girls, school starts back tomorrow.

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