Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Sweat Shop

WOW it has been a hot one, although I will not complain as it is even HOTTER other places.  I have been patiently waiting for my new window installation so my new a/c window unit can be installed in my studio.  Business has really picked up for my Monogram Shop (currently known as the sweat shop, because that is what I am doing while working in the heat up here, sweating!) I am really thankful for the new work I have been receiving, it has been so fabulous.  The last few months have been filled with several ups and downs and I have finally closed the door on the things that bring me down.  Once I did that and moved forward so many great things have come my way, new opportunities, new attitude, I feel GREAT!  God is always looking out for me, he has shown me time and again, it was really obvious this last time. 

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Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

YAY for AC! I just got one last week - and (((WOW))) what a difference! I can totally relate to the closing of doors - i had way to many open and negative ones - so a few years ago i shut 'em and locked 'em and it toally changed my life! GOOD FOR YOU! XOXO


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