Friday, February 29, 2008

Conversation with my Mom

OK so I am sitting at my desk this afternooon eating some soup (which I nearly spit everywhere) and I get an IM from my Mom, yes she is pretty with it for her 56 years, well at least she is after the following conversation: (screen names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Mom: what the heck is bling?
Jennifer: LOL
it is slang for jewelry
Mom: how does jewelry become bling??????
Jennifer: definition from Websters:
bling: noun; flashy, ostentatious jewelry
Jennifer: and what in the hell are you doing that you need to know what "bling" is?
Mom: aren't you the smart one. good thing i didn't go to Hobby Lobby and ask for a bottle of bling!!!!!! Nothing. I just keep running across the word!
Jennifer: you are cracking me up, I am in tears

No Mom I'm really not that smart, I am raising your *eight* year old granddaughter. I am learning so much, just as you did with me. LOVE YA!!!!

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