Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's been awhile

Ok I think I am human again. After battling strep, double ear infection, sinus infection and flu mess, I am happy to report that I am feeling much better. These last three weeks have been tough. It is the first time that David and I have been sick at the same time along with both girls being sick too. It hit me the hardest, lucky me. David rarely gets sick so this was a huge deal. Both of us trying to take care of two sick girls and take care of ourselves too. We managed, just like we always do, we are good like that. A great team. Sometimes it is hard not having family close by that you can call on to help out, but we certainly manage and we are better planners for it.
We got hit hard with several storms last night, this morning we are all safe and well. My heart goes out to those who got hit harder than we did.

I have gotten behind on my etsy store launch, I am working double time to get caught up. One thing that is hindering me now that I am feeling better is the terrible clicking sound my hard drive is making, ARRGGG. I have managed to get all of my embroidery designs, my paper designs, photos and all other important stuff transferred to an external back up drive. David has a new pc ordered and on the way. It was time for a new one and we knew it, this just got us moving a little faster.

OK time to get the girls stuff packed for school/daycare and myself ready for work.

But first a photo of my cuties, Lindsey likes reading to Mallory and of course Mallory likes her Big Sis to read to her. Too cute!

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