Saturday, February 23, 2008

A little creative time

I had a little time today to create an album of pictures that I have taken of the girls this month. It felt really good to actually complete it. I kept it simple, not a lot of journaling, just pictures and some embellishments. I like how it turned out, so much so that I have challenged myself to take a photo a day in the month of March. I created the album already so all I will need to do is add the pictures and whatever else I want to. I didn't take a photo of the March album but here is a picture of the February album I created today.

I have a few other albums *in progress* so actually finishing one was so nice. I am not sure why, but I like creating an entire album as opposed to one layout. Maybe because you can tell a story with a series of pictures in an album or maybe it is just one of those organizational hang-ups I have. OK, gotta get back to watching the Tigers vs Vols game. GO TIGERS!!!!

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