Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Day 4 of 31

This is Lindsey doing some creative Spelling homework. They get to choose from a variety of assignments to complete their four points for Spelling each week. One of the choices is called *Sound Words*, where you record yourself spelling out your words. This is a good starter for studying your words, speaking aloud always helped me when studying as a child (well it still helps when I am writing storyboards at work to hear how they sound after I write them, yes I look like I am talking to myself, but so far I have not gotten any strange looks from my co-workers). The Sound Words are worth three points, so we still have one point to go before Thursday. Lindsey uses a sound recording tool on her computer to record the words since we no longer have a tape recorder, not that she knows what that is anyway, she was born the the age of *CDs* now it is all about her iPod. (no the cel phone you see in the picture is not activated, it is my old phone she uses to play games , come on, she is 8 people)

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