Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still here...

What have I been up to? Well, in no particular order:

  • Mallory's hundredth ear infection/sinus infection (well not that many, but it sure feels like it)
  • Volunteering at Lindsey's school
  • Room Sponsor stuff (auction baskets, class journals etc)
  • Monogramming orders are starting to pick up
  • Sewing for the girls
  • Planning Lindsey's birthday party
  • Everyday Mommy stuff
  • Trying to think about Christmas (it's hard until after Lindsey's birthday)
  • Misc. *crap* that gets tossed in the mix (this is the stuff that really makes me crazy)
I really don't know how I did all this and worked too, I guess you just make it happen and not sleep to get it all done.

What is left to do?
  1. Birthday parties (Lindsey has been invited to four, yes four this weekend)
  2. A day trip planned for Saturday for the four of us (see above, hopefully it can still happen)
  3. Deliveries to make (sorry Farrah and Lisa)
  4. Some holiday stuff for the shop (and possibly for local pick up only :food stuff:. still working out the details on that one)
  5. My calendar is full, just trust me on that and I won't bore you the the rest.
I have been in a real mood lately and I just can't figure out why, I am usually pretty laid back nothing gets me too upset, I just say what I think and move on, but somethings have hit me the wrong way lately. Oh well it will pass I am sure. I am also feeling a bit disconnected from old friends, but I have met some really amazing people since quiting work and volunteering at the new school. I feel more in my element now, but it still makes you wonder about the friendships that used to be. We all get busy I know, but at what point does that just become an excuse? Something else for me to ponder I guess. I have moved on, and we are all better for the changes that we made. Everyone is happy, MUCH HAPPIER. It's like a whole new world that I didn't know about.

OK, back to happier posts, I just needed to vent I guess.

This makes me VERY happy:

These are a few photos from our Urban Photo Shoot with my friend and neighbor Marci Lambert. I can't even begin to put into words how *happy* I am with the photos. She is so very talented. Every time she does our photos I think there is no way she can top this, but she ALWAYS does, ALWAYS! Thanks Marci!!!! Check out her website for info on a photo shoot of your very own. Check her blog out too, she always has something great to say!

OK, I have to go give Mally her meds.

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Off The Vine said...

Jennifer, I think the transition from work to home is huge! I am going through the same thing right now with all my teacher friends. I used to eat lunch with them everyday and know everything in there i just call and get the Im busy excuse! I have to say it has really hurt my feelings too. I think at first you take it personally and then you just have to move on because your right you do not want to back working! And I also think on their part they may be alittle envious and wish they could be home doing what they love as well!


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