Saturday, November 22, 2008

Party Like a Rock Star

Lindsey decided on a Karaoke party this year and the girls came dressed like *diva rock stars*.

Lindsey in her *Diva Attire*:

I made backstage passes that Lindsey handed out as the girls arrived. They would have been laminated had my laminating machine not gone belly up on me. Anyway, I think they turned out pretty cute and Lindsey loved them and that is all that matters.

We also had sunglasses and inflatable microphones to hand out to complete their look.

Lindsey with BFF and fellow diva Lexi.

*Hey call me*
Her guitar cake: (Made by Rochelle at The Busy Bakery in Bartlett) edited: yes this is the lady that we used to have to meet in the Exxon parking lot to pick up our cakes/cookies.

The front door, complete with lights hanging from the front porch. (thanks Mom for helping with that :) )

The girls doing some karaoke:

and my friend Jessica showing them how it is done!! ROCK ON SISTER!

All in all we had a great time, even with all of the screaming no police officers showed up to shut us down. This group of girls know how to Rock the house down.

Oh and I can't forget my *diva in training*:

She wasn't sure what to think about the whole thing, she mostly hung out with grandmother. We surprised Big Sister and got a coordinating dress for Mally to wear. Too Cute.

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Off The Vine said...

LOL.. I drove by the other day and saw the lights hanging on the porch and thought you had started hanging Christmas lights, but didn't get very far!!!
The party is too cute. Ok Rochelle in Bartlett..she is not formerly Jan and Rochelle the two cake ladies you meet in the parking lot of Exxon at Summer and Graham????

Jamie said...

Looks like you all had a blast...what a fun theme!

Jennifer said...

Yes, it is the Exxon ladies. They have opened up a bakery in Bartlett. Real easy to get to. I have their new number if you want it. :)

I think I will leave those lights up for Christmas too, may as well get some double duty out of them:)


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