Monday, November 03, 2008

t- 2 days

In two days my Mother will be here for a 2 week visit. I am so excited as are the girls and David too. Yes, he loves his Mother-in-law. :) Hopefully she and I can have some crafty time. We always manage to get ourselves into something. I found some really cute Santa redwork embroidery designs (I have never tried the redwork stuff) I think I will get them stitched up today and tomorrow and may have her help me piece them together for a little Christmas quilt. We'll see how time goes. Mally and I have some play time this morning and our walk, so if all goes well she will have a nice nap today and I can work on it then. We were all in bed way early last night. Lindsey at 6:45p, Mally feel asleep in my lap about 7:15P and I was asleep by 7:45P. The day seemed to drag on forever yesterday, it always does after we set our clocks back. It was a nice relaxing day though. Off to pack Lindsey's lunch for school and I think the coffee is finished brewing (the holiday flavored coffee creamer is out, so so happy about that, I love me some gingerbread creamer) Have a great day!

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