Friday, November 21, 2008


Is this thing on..... OK good, I know I am a blogging slacker so I apologize for that up front. It seems as soon as October hits all heck breaks loose. Busy busy busy. A lot of Lindsey's friends have birthdays beginning in October as well as family members and that is on top of all the other stuff like Halloween and Thanksgiving and just everyday stuff. My Mom went home on Sunday after here two week visit. I hated to see her leave, every time she does I get a little teary. The fact that I don't have family close by just makes me sad the older I get. Thank goodness for my friends though, they are my chosen family and I love them too.

We had a fun time at Lindsey's birthday party, *Karaoke* with 15 screaming 8-9 year olds. YIKES I must be crazy. I took lots of cute pics and will get them posted later today if time permits. You do know that I am the *lady in waiting* for a certain 17 month old right? One that does not nap a whole heck of a lot and one who likes to explore every cabinet and nook she can find.

I still have some monogramming orders to finish as well as some outfits I have cut out for Mally. I also want to get my December scrap journal started and finished this weekend, I am committed to a picture a day for December and I WILL journal, even if it is just a couple of thoughts jotted down. We are staying here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keeping it low key as usual. Off to get Lindsey's lunch made and get started on my day.

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