Friday, December 12, 2008

She did it...

Wednesday, Lindsey went to have her 10 inch ponytail cut off to donate to Beautiful Lengths. She has been growing her hair out since 1st grade (two years) and decided in 2nd grade that she would donate it once she got to 10 inches. She told me back during the summer she hoped it would be long enough to donate by December. I have never seen her so excited about cutting her hair, she has such a big heart, always so thoughtful and giving. I think she picked the perfect time of the year to do such a fabulous thing.

Tara had to get out the BIG scissors, Lindsey has my super thick hair, which I got from my Mom.

right after she cut it off.
Here is Lindsey with Tara of Studio Stacy Salon. Miss Tara ROCKS!!!
I am pretty sure Tara gave Lindsey her first haircut. Tara has been cutting David's hair since he moved to Memphis back in the 80s. She is so talented, always does a fantastic job. Such a great lady!
I love Lindsey's new *do*, very grown-up.

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Polka Dot Moon said...

What a wonderful thing for her to do!!!!!!!! Lindsey looks adorable and very stylish with her new cut :)

Candy Stick Lane said...

WHAT FABULOUS GENEROSITY! and the new do is so stylish and sophisticated! Thanks for sharing this wonderful account!


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