Monday, December 15, 2008

Twelve trees

As promised, here they are. I finally remembered to take a picture of the tree on the front porch after dark.

1. Master Bedroom Tree
2. Lindsey's Room
3. Mallory's Room
4. The Girl's Bathroom
5. Memphis Tiger Tree in Guest Bedroom
6. Dining Room Tree - All of our family ornaments we have collected over the last 11 years.
7. Santa Tree in the Entry Way/Living Room
8. Family Room Tree
9. Feather Tree #1 on Mantel
10. Feather Tree # 2 on Mantel
11. Wall Tree in Master Bathroom Window
12. Front Porch

I know, I know that is a lot of trees, but oh well. We like putting them up. :)


Sylvia C. said...

WOW! And they are all so pretty!

Great work, and Merry Christmas!


Sylvia C.
PS- I like the #4, the one in the girl's bathroom. I also really like #7, too!

Ordinary Guy said...

Hmmm, you could make a drive south and put one up at my house. :^)

Ours isn't up yet.

Merry Chrsitmas to you and the family!

Off The Vine said...

She forgot to comment that she changes the shower curtains and bathroom decor to Christmas decorations...even the shower curtian!!!!!!!!!!
Thats talent!

annalee said...

those trees are great! i especially like #11.

Liz Butler said...

I too am a tree junkie, but you definitely have me beat. WOW! We only have 4. They are beautiful!


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