Thursday, June 18, 2009

Office Space

OK, so I am sick of the hotness already and we are not even into Summer officially. Our poor second A/C unit for the upstairs can't seem to keep up. My studio and the girls playroom are upstairs and it has been really hot up there. I don't know if the previous owners of our house thought enough to put in the proper size a/c unit to cool the space or not. So after the a/c ran non-stop yesterday while I was trying to work and me just freaking out the whole time worrying about the utility bill, I decided to move my computer and a few things downstairs in a spare bedroom for the Summer. My embroidery machine is way to big to move by myself, (not to mention the spiral staircase I would have to bring it down, again what were they thinking when they put that in? I see a real staircase in my future... just not sure when) so for now I will monogram in the early morning hours and at night. I like the setup down here so far. Right off of the kitchen, close to the girls etc. We will see how it all works out.

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