Monday, August 20, 2007

Today is the day

Well today is the day that I return to work, the day I have been dreading since laying eyes on my sweet Mallory and knowing I would get to spend the summer with Lindsey. I spent Sunday getting ready for today, making sure I had everything ready for Mally's first day of daycare. Also making sure I could fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, which I am sad to say is a no go. Very depressing. So David took me shopping for a couple of things, and now it is time to get serious about getting the baby weight off. It was hard the first time and will probably be even harder this time, but I am committed to doing it, for me. David is so fabulous, especially since I was spontaneously bursting into tears off and on all day yesterday. He got me through it. Today will be OK. David is taking the girls to school this morning, dropping off is hard for me so I get to pick up, but I do have to be at work by 7a so it works out. Here is Mally last night, so happy.

My new challenge (well it's not really new, but I am getting serious about it): to figure out a way to make my hobby of sewing, monogramming and all other crafts that I do work for me, so I can be a Work-at-home Mom. I really loved being at home these last few months, I was super busy with the girls but I *loved* it. I am looking into opening a shop at to sell some of my handmade stuff. I am getting a plan together and will work on getting more stuff made. (I neglected my crafting while I was pregnant unless I needed a gift for someone, so the supply is low).

We had one last vacation to Dauphin Island with some dear friends before school started and I was to return to work. We had a great time, it was hot and humid of course but who cares, we were at the beach and it was vacation. Very relaxing. Here is Lindsey doing some fishing.

Lindsey and her *BFF* Lexi:

Well I am off to get ready for work (yuck) and kiss my babies before they wake up, there is just nothing like kissing them while they sleep.

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suburban prep said...

Hope all went well.
What beautiful children.
You are blessed.


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