Friday, August 03, 2007

Busy week

I am finally recovering from my trip to Ohio. Well the drive to and from. All I will say is that hubby did not get to go so it was all me, with a six week old, a 74 year old and on the trip home a seven year old. All in all it was not too bad, just really exhausting. We had a great time visiting with my family, we did a whole lotta nothing, just hung out, which is what I wanted. Here are a few photos:
Lindsey was super excited to see little sister, she has never had a sharing problem until now. She does not want to share her little sister with anyone, even grandparents. hmmmm

Chris and Ashlee
Ashlee, Lindsey and Mallory

Mom and MaMa Nita

Great trip, but glad to be back home with David.

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