Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well, I survived

At least I think I did. Everyone was happy when I picked them up at school and daycare yesterday so that is a good thing. I was very happy to get them home as well. Work was exactly the same as when I left. Still busy. Not sure what I expected. Anyway.

I attended parent info night at Lindsey's school last night. Lots of positive things going on this year, good changes. Lindsey got the teacher she wanted (the one I wanted her to have too). Mrs. Aldinger was her teacher in Jr-Kindergarten and started teaching Second grade last year. All three of the Second grade teachers are fabulous so we would have been happy with any of them. I just love the fact that each class only has twelve students, that is just amazing. School started last Wednesday, here are a few pictures of Lindsey on her first day of Second Grade (*sniff*sniff*)

Oh and of course she spent the Monday before school started getting her backpack ready. Not that she had a ton of supplies to pack or anything (they were already purchased and waiting for her at school) no, she has to pack her hand sanitizer (*loves* the stuff) and add her key chains. Oh the key chains, by the end of the year her bag will be loaded down with them. She collects them and thinks it is cool for them to hang and rattle around on her backpack. It is her thing. I made the mistake in Kindergarten of taking a few off, it just seemed like it was weighing her down. Well she came unglued on the way to school when she realized they were gone, so I heard all about it from David after he dropped her off. I felt like a schmuck because what I thought was going to help her only upset her, so I certainly don't want to ruin her right to express herself and if it means having a hundred key chains on her backpack to do that then so be it. So what did I do that afternoon? I stopped at the store and bought her a new key chain and apologized to her and promised to let her express herself in anyway she wants as long as it is not harmful to her. Mommy lesson # 1888 or so.

*The backpack* with a couple of new key chains.

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