Monday, July 21, 2008

It's been one week Lulu...'s me Mallory. Lulu are you reading Mommy's blog at J's house? I hope so, because I really miss you. You would not believe all of the mischief I have been getting myself into, well at least Mommy says its mischief, I say I am just having some fun. Like for instance, I don't know why she had a cow over this:

I didn't realize that climbing on the coffee table would be such a big deal.
You know she keeps that camera of hers close by at all times, she says it's for capturing memories but I say it is for evidence later on when I am older, but whatever.
Then I thought she would really appreciate me helping her organize then kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Not that they really needed organizing I mean Mommy and Daddy keep them organized, well you know how they are about things being neat. She didn't seem upset about me helping she laughed mostly. I think now she will take me with her when she is folding laundry in the bedroom. Thank goodness she hasn't gotten pics of everything I have been into these are enough.
Except me hitting redial on the phone and calling folks, no big deal.

See Lulu if you were here I know I would be able to keep myself out of trouble (maybe, can't make any promises), we could play our daily game of chase and hide and seek. OK gotta go, here comes Mommy. See you Thursday.


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