Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Stuff in the shop

Lindsey and I have been busy, she has been working on her projects and I have been working on mine. She has decided she wants to sell some of her creations, so in the shop there is a section called *Lindsey's Creations*. Check out her stuff!

I was very fortunate growing up, both my Mother and Grandmother are very creative, crafty women. They always included me when they were making stuff. I *LOVED* it. Still do. I do the same for Lindsey (and will for Mally when she is older) she pretty much has free reign in my craft space to create whatever pops into that pretty little head of hers. I am so happy she likes to create stuff. I have so many great memories of my Mom and I crafting together. I still love sitting down with her to make stuff when we visit each other. I hope Lindsey and Mallory look back on the time we spend creating together and have the same fond memories.

The "My Best Friend" mini album is in the shop as well as some of Lindsey's goodies. Check them out. I have so many other things to list so keep checking back, will work on that in between my girls and I making Summer memories. :)

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Judy said...

YEAH, Me too! Love you Jenn - Mom


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