Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello from O-Hi-O

I just love visiting my family here in Ohio, my Mom, step-Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law and my niece are all here. Oh and I have another niece on the way, she is due to arrive Sept. 9. So excited. We have just been hanging out, made a quick (well not really quick) trip to Jo-Ann fabrics yesterday. It is the one place I *have* to visit every time I come here. The fabric selection is amazing. I can find things there that I can't in Memphis. I was able to score a nice variety of fabrics for buckets, mini-albums and some pj pants for the girls and I for the winter. I can't wait to get busy working on some of the ideas I have for stuff. We went to the Honda Homecoming parade last night and watched all of the motorcycles ride the parade route. OK, the girls are waking up so I am off to get ready and go find my brother, hopefully we can have some brother/sister time today. Surely the grandparents can handle three girls for a little while. :)

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jessica said...

I always love it when you go to JoAnn's fabrics !! After those visits you always "cook up" something really creative to show and share...let me know when you make it back home..would love for us to get together ..I can't believe the baby will be here so seems like just last week you were sharing about the pregnancy! jessica40


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