Friday, August 29, 2008

Animals that need help

My friend and neighbor sent the below message:

My friend, Evelyn, from Animal Adoption Center in Poplarville MS is having to evacuate to Memphis because of the approaching storm. She previously evacuated from Katrina with the animals she could take and we sent her back with body bags for the rest. They lost everything. Her husband Pete is very sick. They got a room at Embassy Suites on Shady Grove last night about midnight. Embassy Suites is not pet friendly. We have about 18 cats and 10 dogs: pit bull, Boston terrier, pug and a pug mix, Boxer dachshund, lab and German shepherd mix, and more. I need foster homes for all these animals. The cats can be housed in their trailer which will be at my house. I will need volunteers to clean and feed and love. These animals will once again be so stressed. Please e-mail me at if you can help. We would appreciate donations as well.

I just talked with her on the phone and at this point she really needs cat litter and bottled water, if you are in the Memphis metro area and would like to donate items to help these animals please leave me a comment or email her at the above email address.

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You can call me Lucky. said...

I really, really wish I could!!! My dog is a rescued dog adopted from Memphis, so my heart is breaking for all those dogs and cats.
...already we are housing my family and my husbands mom this weekend and 3 extra dogs and a deaf cat on top of our two dogs...and I was puppy sitting last night! Then if they evacuate New Orleans I will have 7 more people arriving!!!
I am running around like a crazy person trying to get ready for this chaos!


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