Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm tired. Not sure why, I have gotten the same amount of sleep as I have been getting, but I did slow down some today so maybe that is the problem. I am a lot like my Mother in that respect, I am like the energizer bunny until I sit down or get still for a period of time. I have been getting lots of things done around the house during Mallory's naps. Things that have needed attention for some time just got shoved to the bottom of the list due to work, mother duties etc... I have loved the time at home these last few weeks. I haven't convinced David that I should be home all of the time. All he says are two words, "school tuition". So I will return to work (unless I win the lottery between now and then, might help to buy a ticket huh?) :) OK, Mally is napping so I need to wash some bottles, do some laundry etc...

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