Sunday, July 22, 2007

LET's Vacation

LET has been on her annual trip to Ohio this past week. She managed to squeeze in some time to talk to me on the phone Friday. ( really missing her) She has been real busy hanging out with my Mom, Step-Father and my Brother and his family, but mostly my Brother. My Mom said that she has become his shadow. Everything Uncle Chris does she wants to be right there. Who can blame her, he is a ton of fun and funny as heck. Chris and my sister in law Amy took their daughter and LET camping over the weekend. I am happy to report that they had a fabulous time. My Mom called earlier to tell me they made it home and LET has crashed on the couch. I remember when my parents took my brother and I camping as children and one time in particular they invited their friends and children to go along, I think it was Natchez but not totally sure. The one the I *do* remember is the tent that the children had to sleep in, it was one of those tents without a bottom you know the kind to keep the food in, the only memory I have of that entire trip was waking up sweating with leaves from the ground pasted to my face. Why on earth did they not let us sleep in the nice orange tent with them or the Volkswagen van? This is a question I asked my Mom today, didn't get a good answer, just lots of laughing. Which reminds me, I need to ask Dad about this too. I mentioned this to my brother before they left on their trip and he assured me they would be camping in style, a two or three room tent *very nice*, the girls even had their own room. Now that is camping. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the camping trips we took growing up, just not this one in particular, well it was fine until bedtime.

I have spent most of the weekend cleaning LET's room. It is much easier when she is not here, so she can't see what I am getting rid of. She was in major need of a "Mission Organization" and that is just what she got. She has.....had way to much stuff. I am taking pictures of how the room looks now that I have cleaned it and if it doesn't stay that way, well lets just say Mom will not be happy. I am tired and my muscles ache from it all. I think I deserve a Grande Cinnamon Dolce' Latte so I am off to Starbucks.

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