Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We Played...

Aside from helping our friend/neighbor with the animals over the weekend we just hung out, no real plans just spent time together. Lindsey hung out with some friends when she wasn't taking care of cats or playing with us. We took a family walk, goofed around the yard and then we painted with side walk chalk paint. We ran out of the store bought stuff and then I remembered a blog post from here and here about how to make your own (equal parts cornstarch and water and a couple of drops of food coloring) . So I headed to the kitchen while David and the girls finished off the last of the paint. They had a blast. David was getting a little uncomfortable with the mess, but he finally let go of the need to hose them down. If he only knew what happened around here while he is at work....oh boy.

We had fun watching them, esp. Mallory she was in *messy* heaven. I love watching her make art.

Today both girls are at school/MDO so I will be working. I have also challenged myself to create one layout per day this week. I have a stack of pictures and tons of paper. The goal is to make it quick and not think about it too much, just do it. I'll try to post those as I complete them.

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