Monday, September 01, 2008

Monogrammed Pumpkins

Now that fall is 23 days away, I have started trying to plan out my fall decorating. It is after all my favorite time of the year. A few years ago I painted these foam pumpkins with our monogram (the P was for my Mom)

Edited 9/2/08: I just got back from Michael's, the foam pumpkins are 40% off this week.
I bring this up now because the foam pumpkins are out at Garden Ridge, Michael's (save your Sunday sale flyer coupons) and a few other craft stores around town. I used outdoor patio paint to paint the ones above. I printed out a cute font in the size I wanted and used some carbon to trace the letter on the pumpkin then I just free handed the swirls and polka-dots (I may have too many, I never know when to quit with those :) ). Once the paint was dry, (I let it sit for about an hour but it was dry long before then) I sprayed a coat of clear sealant on the pumpkins. That's it, pretty simple. I use mine on our front entry table with one of my decoupaged candy buckets and some other fun Halloween/Fall decorations.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the idea! I know what I am going to be doing next weekend! This is whyI love fall decorations!


Sally said...

i just shared your adorable monogram pumpkins with my readers over at so cute!!


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